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5 Things I’ve Learnt This Week

November 23, 2012

1. Don’t Tell the Bride will eternally be compelling viewing – this week’s episode involved the groom and best man spending their remaining budget on spray tans…for themselves! Not forgetting the obligatory rigmarole of choosing everything the bride does not want, how it makes me laugh.

2. After running a 10 mile race (in 1hr 27mins!) I really should give into my tiredness and take a nap, otherwise face huge hangover-like consequences the following day.

3. I can now be as careless as I like in the North East safe in the knowledge that all my possessions will be returned to their rightful owner through the medium of new website Lost Box (@LostBoxNE).

4. ‘I hope you have a great week/day!’ is THE only way you should be signing off emails. Whoever said Gap sales assistants were OTT? Embrace the positivity Britain!

5. Need cheering up? Taylor Swift never fails to deliver. Go on, make your day and press play.

Have a great week!

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