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Dancing Turkeys

December 11, 2012


I’ve been reading a lot of discourse lately on sexism, equality and so forth, and something that has been getting quite a lot of equality activists in a tizz (no derogatory inference implied, I count myself as one, go women!…and men!) is the Christmas Morrisons advert.

Y’know, the one with the woman trying to do a million things in the run up to Christmas; then settling down, unappreciated but glad she’s done her job as a woman and taken care of the brood.

I agree with a lot of the uproar – “surely this advert should never have been aired beyond the fifties!” – “a lot of men like cooking!” – yes, yes, this advert is simply ridiculous and I hope most viewers would realise that it’s hardly a true representation of a 21st Century British Christmas, but rather a lazy way of Morrisons saying “roll up, roll up, get your Christmas shopping here!”.

However, what I find more disturbing about this advert, more disturbing than Morrisons trying to perpetuate the myth that woman should be solely organising Christmas; more disturbing than the suggestion that anyone would peel that many Brussels sprouts, is the dancing turkey, nay the headless dancing turkey.

Even writing this makes me feel repulsed as I visualise that poor beheaded creature battle against human (albeit an unappreciated, downtrodden human) only to be unceremoniously stuffed and served to the family.

I hold my hands up, I’m viewing this advert as a¬†pescetarian (a non-meat eater who dabbles in seafood), someone not overly comfortable with the sight of meat anyway, but I wonder if meat eaters suffer this same repulsion? Surely, anyone facing the vision of a headless animal dancing on their TV would find this a little bit disgusting?

Does this put me off Morrisons? No, I know every supermarket sells meat, I’d just like not to see it shoved in my face, especially in such a gross and demeaning form!

Unsurprisingly, for my Christmas Day Lunch, I won’t be partaking in the Christmas tradition of eating a dead bird. Instead, I’ll be having a nut roast, alongside the menagerie of vegetables, Yorkshire puddings and whatever else my Dad makes – because he likes doing it, not because we force him…much.

By no means do I want to deter anyone from enjoying their meaty delights, and I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas Lunch, but if you did want a change from the norm I can highly recommend nut roasts!

P.S I’d also like restauranteers to take note, it’s Christmas, not meatmass, 2 vegetarian options accompanied by everything else that comes with meat dishes would be just great: just because we don’t eat meat doesn’t mean we are averse to Yorkshire puddings!

And if you haven’t seen it…

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  1. Laurie permalink
    December 13, 2012 8:36 pm

    It’s a fact women do all the stuff at xmas!

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